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Framaroot App for Android 2.3 to 4.3

Download the Framaroot App, created by Alephzain. Framaroot works perfectly on Android devices running Android 2.3 to Android 4.3. Therefore, all devices operating on or between Android 2.3 and 4.3 are compatible with this latest version of Framaroot.

Framaroot App
NameFramaroot App
TypeOne-Click Root App
File NameFramaroot-1.9.3.apk
File Size1.24 MB
SupportsAndroid 2.3 to 4.3
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Version 1.9.3

Other versions: v1.9.2 | v1.9.1 | v1.9.0 | v1.8.1 | v1.8.0 | v1.7.1 | v1.7.0 | v1.6.1 | v1.6.0 | v1.5.3 | v1.5.2 | v1.5.1


The Framaroot Apps are entirely free of cost. So there is no need to pay anything to use the Software.


The Framaroot Apps are 100% secure as it is made and offered directly by Alephzain (developer).


The Framaroot App is compatible with Android versions 2.3 to 4.3, making it compatible with all devices running on or between Android 2.2 and 4.3.


The Framaroot App, officially developed by Alephzain, is publicly available to root Android devices running on Android versions between 2.3 and 4.3.


The Framaroot App supports smartphones and tablets running on the Android OS versions 2.3 to 4.3.


The Framaroot App shared on this page is constantly updated to the latest version.


What is the purpose of the Framaroot App?

Framaroot is an Android app allowing users to root their Android devices without needing a computer or complex processes. Rooting is gaining administrative access or privileges on an Android device, similar to jailbreaking on iOS devices.

Here are some reasons why people might choose to use the Framaroot App:

  1. Customization: Rooting grants users access to the Android operating system's core files, allowing them to customize the device's appearance, install custom themes, and use various software modifications.
  2. Remove Bloatware: Many Android devices have pre-installed applications (bloatware) that users may not want or need. Rooting enables users to remove these unwanted apps and free up storage space.
  3. Performance Tweaks: Rooting allows users to apply performance tweaks and optimizations to enhance the device's speed and overall performance.
  4. Backup and Restore: Rooting gives users more control over system files, enabling them to create full device backups and restore them later.
  5. Install Incompatible Apps: Some apps are restricted to specific devices or regions. With root access, users can bypass these restrictions and install otherwise incompatible apps.
  6. Ad-Blocking: Rooting can block ads system-wide in apps and browsers, providing a smoother and ad-free user experience.

Download Framaroot App

Framaroot v1.9.3

Framaroot v1.9.2

Framaroot v1.9.1

Framaroot v1.9.0

Framaroot v1.8.1

Framaroot v1.8.0

Framaroot v1.7.1

Framaroot v1.7.0

Framaroot v1.6.1

Framaroot v1.6.0

Framaroot v1.5.3

Framaroot v1.5.2

Framaroot v1.5.1

Framaroot v1.5.0

Framaroot v1.4.3

Framaroot v1.4.2

Framaroot v1.4.1

How to Install Framaroot App?

Follow the guidelines below to install the Framaroot App on the Android Device.

  1. Download Framaroot App on the Android device.
  2. Once the Framaroot App is downloaded, you will get the Framaroot.apk file.
  3. Framaroot App Icon
  4. Open File Manager on your Android Device, Locate the Framaroot APK, and Tap on it to Open.
  5. File Manager Framaroot APK
  6. Tap on the Install to Install the Framaroot App.
  7. Framaroot APK Install Framaroot APK Install
  8. Once the installation is completed, you will be able to see the Framaroot App Icon on your App Drawer Menu.
  9. Framaroot App Installed Congratulations! Now, you are ready to root your Android Device using the Framaroot App. To Root the device, follow How to use Framaroot App Page.

Framaroot App – Help and Information

What is Framaroot App?

Framaroot is an Android app developed by the XDA user "Alephzain". This Android app allowed users to root their devices without needing a PC. Rooting is gaining privileged control over an Android device, allowing users to access and alter system applications and settings, run specialized apps, and more.

For which platforms are Framaroot App available?

The Framaroot App is engineered to root Android smartphones and tablets that operate on Android OS ranging from 2.3 to 4.3. However, it's incompatible with Android 4.4 and any versions that follow.

Is Framaroot App free?

Yes. The Framaroot v1.9.2 is 100% free. It was available for users to download and use without any cost.

Is Framaroot App safe?

Yes. The Framaroot v1.9.2 is 100% safe for the Computer, laptop, and Android mobile. It contains various Android Exploits which will be used to root the Android device.

How often is the Framaroot App updated?

Alephzain doesn't follow a regular timetable for updating the Framaroot App. Instead, updates are dispatched to mend glitches and enhance the app's performance. Alephzain exclusively provides all such updates.

How can I install Framaroot App?

You can install the Framaroot v1.9.2 by downloading the .apk file and installing it on the Android device. The installation process is quite similar to the standard Android App. You can follow the How to install the Framaroot page to install the Framaroot App correctly.

What devices does Framaroot App work with?

The Framaroot app is compatible with a variety of Android devices. However, it did not support all Android devices. Compatibility of the Framaroot app primarily relies on the version of the Android operating system installed on the device. It is specifically designed to work with devices that run Android versions from 2.3 to 4.3.

Does Framaroot App require an internet connection to use?

No. The Framaroot app didn't require an active internet connection to execute the rooting process. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can typically run the rooting procedure offline.

Does Framaroot comes with SuperSU or Magisk?

Framaroot comes with SuperSU to manage the root permissions after rooting your device. SuperSU is an application that helps you control which apps on your device have root permissions, and it's generally installed as part of the rooting process.

Where Can I find KingRoot App?

If you're searching for the KingRoot App, which lets you root Android devices running on versions from 2.3 to 7.0, then you should go to the KingRoot website.

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